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Monday, August 29, 2011

Embroidered Geography Love Pillow

Here's a sweet love story...

Boy meets girl (who lives in China and is secretly practicing Christianity under strict communist laws against it).

Boy likes girl (even though he lives and preaches in Texas and they can't see each other face to face).

Boy falls in love with girl (through emails and phone calls).

Boy proposes to girl (and spends many, many months trying to work through the Chinese government to bring her to the United States so they can begin a life together).

Boy marries girl (finally!) and they live happily ever after.

True story! We know "Boy" through our church and were so thrilled to finally meet his lovely bride a few weeks ago. Doesn't that story just make your heart swell?


To honor their unique history, I made them this geography pillow as a wedding gift.


That's China on the left.


And Texas on the right. In real-life, Texas is no where close to being as big as China. Creative license.

It was a really fun little project! Want to make one for yourself or a gift (maybe with states or one state/country with a heart at the location of each city, connected by a dotted line)?

I love the idea of making one for long-distance grandparents, too!

1. Print a map of your location and cut it out.

2. In pencil, trace your design on your pillowcase or fabric (if you're sewing it together later). I used a zippered pillow cover that I had on hand.

3. Using two or three strands of embroidery floss, hand stitch over the penciled design. I used a simple back stitch (click here for a tutorial).

That's it! Isn't it sweet and personal?


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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Gift-- Monogrammed Pitcher and Glasses

We went to a sweet wedding on Saturday and watched two beautiful, young lovebirds tie the knot.

I cried through the whole thing,

even the slideshow at the reception showing pictures of them as children,

and I didn't even know them as children.

I need help.

Anyway, I wanted to share the gift that I made for the happy couple.


Using Armor Etch and my cutting machine, I monogrammed a glass pitcher and glasses.

I have also done this before with an exacto knife and contact paper.  Just print out your design and trace it on the contact paper, then cut it out.

Stick it to your glass and follow the directions on the glass etching cream.


I went with a Lemonade Theme:


"If life ever gives you lemons..."


Inside the pitcher, I placed a recipe for my favorite drink: lemon-limeade made from freshly squeezed fruit.

Ooooh, this recipe is making me crave some warm afternoons on the patio.



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